Why you should invest in a high quality makeup artist for your wedding day

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Hi everyone!!!! I know, I know……. I haven’t written a post in a million years! Things have been super hectic on my end, with getting a promotion at work (yay!), getting married this past July (double yay!) and just recently all the craziness with the holidays! But…. I’m baaaacccckkkk!

Today’s post has been something that I wanted to write about for a really long time, but just haven’t gotten around to it. And with the upcoming wedding season fast approaching, I figured now is a better time more than ever! I apologize in advance for sounding blunt in this post, but for anyone that knows me…. it’s just how I am. I shoot it straight! 😉

Trust me, I get it. Weddings are EXPENSIVE. Everything adds up fast and before you know it, you are in way over your head…. from the dress, tuxes, cake, linens, venue, flowers, centerpieces, DJ, videographer, etc! The list is never-ending. But here is what I don’t understand…. Why do brides tend to short themselves from looking and feeling their best on their wedding day? Tons of fellow makeup artists, as well as hair stylists that I know, consistently hear brides say… “I can’t find it in my budget to hire you”…. or “I found someone cheaper.” We understand. We also understand that your wedding cake is a very important, traditional part of your big day, and you may not bat an eyelash at the hundreds of dollars that it cost you…. but in the end, a lot of it goes to waste. (I know from personal experience with my own wedding!) Or the same for your flowers…. they can end up costing thousands of dollars, and you shell out the money for them, but they all end up dying and getting thrown out. But when it comes time to book your makeup and hair for the wedding, why would you want to find a cheaper option elsewhere and not look or feel your absolute BEST for the biggest day of your life? Hey, I’m all about getting a bargin deal… ask any of my friends! I’m the best person in the world to go shopping with! I always know when the best sales are and hit up every store with coupon in hand! But with that being said, investing in a high quality makeup artist (or hair stylist) for your wedding day is hands down one of the most important things you should do! Your wedding photos and wedding video will be here for forever! Your cake and flowers won’t be.

We use high-end products.

I understand that not every makeup artist has the money to shell out thousands of dollars to have a kit full of high-end makeup. I didn’t when I first started out. But when I first started out, I wasn’t charging what I do now. I work for a prestige makeup company called Smashbox Cosmetics. Practically every single item I use on my clients is by Smashbox… not just because I work for them, but because this particular brand was created by photographers. Smashbox products not only look beautiful in person, but on camera as well! Because it was created by photographers, the products look beautiful in every single lighting- whether it be morning light, evening light, florescent light, office light or home light. Your lighting is going to change throughout your wedding day. I want to make sure my clients have high performing products that will look perfect in all those changing lights, withhold all the flashbacks from cameras all night long, all the dancing, sweating, etc! When you go to hire your makeup artist for your big day, make sure they are using good quality makeup on you! If they roll into your hotel suite on your big day with a kit full of only drugstore brand products……………… run. Don’t get me wrong, there are some incredible products out there from non-prestige brands. Do I use them on myself? Yes. On my paying clients. No.

We are trained.

We know what to use, how to use it, when to use it, and why to use it. We are educated in our profession and know what is BEST for you. We know what’s ideal for your eye shape, face shape, skin, etc. Anybody can watch a YouTube tutorial and think they can do makeup. It’s not that easy. Luckily, because I work for a makeup company that was created in a photography studio… I’ve been highly trained on a million different techniques on how to apply makeup that will photograph well. Make sure whomever you hire has the proper training to back themselves up.

One word…. Sanitation.

I once witnessed a makeup artist who was literally applying mascara with the same wand straight from the same tube she used on everyone else! I…. almost…. died. Your makeup artist should ALWAYS use proper sanitation when applying your makeup. If you want to go the cheaper route on your wedding day and pay $20 for a full face makeup application, chances are your artist isn’t showing up with a case full of disposables and you are getting your eye shadow applied by the same brush that was used on everyone else, without being cleaned in between clients. (Maybe not…. I could be wrong. Buttttt I doubt it.) Properly trained artists know how critical sanitation is! I’ve seen a lot of hotmesses in my day. Please for the love of God, don’t let your artist on your big day be one of those hotmesses.

We prep your skin.

I would never in a million years apply makeup to a face in which I hadn’t prepped the skin prior. Oh hell no. It’s crucial to me to make sure my client has hydrated skin before applying makeup. Hydrated skin looks more beautiful, healthier, younger and makeup will last LONGER! And…. what if they have super oily skin, dry skin, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, age spots, textured skin, etc. No worries, I’ve got you covered. I know how to address each of those problems before we begin your application process. Any highly trained artist will know how to customize your application to your skin’s needs. We know how to use proper color-correcting techniques to help diminish any unwanted flaws showing through. We are like magicians. Trust us.

We use primers. For EVERTHING!

This could get categorized under skin prep, but I felt like it was important enough to have it’s own section. I am the Primer Queen. If you come into one of my stores while I’m working, and you are only in there to buy foundation…. and you tell me you don’t currently use a primer (GASP!)- you will walk out with a primer! Using a primer is CRITICAL during a makeup application. Not only does it fill in fine lines, pores, airbrush out any imperfections… but it helps your makeup last ALL. DAY. LONG. On my clients, I use a full face primer, under eye primer, eye shadow primer, eyelash primer, brow primer, mascara primer, and lip primer. Not all makeup artist’s use primers or even know how to use them or why it’s important to use them. (I will find out who you are….. and I will hunt you down.) Did you know that there are specific primers for each of your skin’s needs? Dry, dehydrated skin- there’s a primer for it. Oily skin- primer for it. Red, blotchy skin- yup…. primer for that too. Your makeup artist for your wedding day should come fully equipped with several different primers (and foundation/concealer shades!) to use on you and your bridesmaids, because each girl has different skin and different needs for her skin!

We travel to you.

The morning of your wedding can get a little hectic! Bridesmaids running around everywhere, people coming in and out of your hotel suite, the photographer is there, now the videographer, your mom is stressing you out about last minute details, omg… did you remember to eat? Listen, I completely understand. That is why we come to YOU. No need to try and gather everyone together to be at a salon or spa for a certain time. No one ever gets there on time anyway. Do you really want to stress over why your bridesmaid/cousin Amy is an hour late for her hair and makeup appointment? Um no! We show up on time, come prepared with our makeup light, our makeup chair, our kit, etc…. to make your life easier. That way you can sit back, relax, sip on your mimosa (not while I’m trying to do your lipstick though!), and let us pamper you for your big day! Some salons & spas DO offer on-site services, so be sure to check if your favorite one travels!!!

We come prepared.

Not all lighting is the same. Some brides get ready in their own home, a hotel suite, heck I’ve even done makeup on a bridal party in a basement before! You never know your lighting situation until you show up for the job. You can NOT do professional, high quality makeup in bad lighting. You just cant. That is why your makeup artist should always come prepared with a makeup light. Also, most come with a traveling makeup chair. Not only does it make my life easier, but it makes my client’s life easier too. This allows you to sit eye-level with your artist so you are much more comfortable during the application. If you are sitting in a low chair, then unfortunately you have to sit in an awkward position with your head tilted upwards the whole time. Not fun. We come ready to rock & roll! Makeup- check! Brushes- check! Disposables- check! Brush cleaner- check! Setting spray- check! (You get the point!) I, personally, come prepared with extra items such as safety-pins and a mini sewing kit! I once had to help sew a bridesmaids dress that had ripped right before they were all about to leave! So yeah, I guess I’m not only your makeup artist- but your seamstress as well. Oh and did I mention I have my bachelors degree in psychology? So free therapy too, I might add. 😉 On another note, your artist should always leave you with your lip color to use for touch-ups through out the day. I don’t care how long-wearing that brand of lipstick claims to be…. it’s not going to last from 8am-1am with all the kissing, eating, drinking, talking, etc… that you will be doing! So make sure the artist you hire will provide you with your lip shade to keep on hand in your sequin wedding clutch!

Well….. the list could go on my friends. But I’ll leave it at that. For all you beautiful brides out there, I hope this post helped you realize how truly important it is to invest in a high quality artist for your big day. We charge what we do for a reason. A very good reason. You are paying for our time, our travel, our talent, our level of training, our level of expertise, our high-end products, and above all else our care. WE CARE ABOUT YOU! We absolutely love what we do and want you to LOVE how you look and feel on your wedding day!

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! I wish you all the love and happiness in the world!



(For bookings- please email me at: laurieberrybeauty@gmail.com)

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