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I am a HUGE supporter for online and local boutiques. Not many people know about these super cute, trendy places to buy clothes and accessories so I want to use Upstate Stylista as a way to spread the word. I’m so happy to use this as a platform to reach out to girls all over the world, especially small towns like the one I came from, to show you can be fashionable and stylish no matter where you come from! It’s difficult to shop and find trendy things in small towns due to the lack of stores and boutiques, so hopefully Upstate Stylista will bring awareness to online and local boutiques where girls can shop and feel happy & confident about what they are wearing! Each blog contains links so some of my favorite places. Happy Shopping! xoxo

If you are an online or local boutique (in the Rochester, NY area) that you want me to check out and blog about, contact me at

The Upstate Stylista blog

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  1. Jessica shade says:

    Hey Laurie!! I figured I’d help you out and send you the link for this place. I don’t think they have a website, but here is the Facebook link!! It’s super cute (:

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