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Anyone that knows me, knows I’m super into home decor! I swear if I wasn’t a professional makeup artist I would definitely be an interior designer. I literally binge watch episodes of Fixer Upper on no end and am convinced Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal. So when the company Modern Map Art reached out to me and asked to send me a complimentary piece of art, of course I got excited! I’ve lived in way too many places to keep track…. from Upstate, NY to Albany, NY…. Chicago, IL to Clearwater, FL… and now (after 6 years) Rochester, NY. After moving around so much, Rochester has been the only place to ever feel like home to me. So of course I chose Rochester as the map art I wanted hanging in my house!

My husband dreads hanging things on the wall….. no seriously. I think he rather undergo a colonoscopy than hang a picture for me. (I don’t understand what the big deal is?) Soooo when my map art arrived in the mail I excitedly told him we had to go out and get a frame and knew the perfect spot to hang it! To my surprise, he was actually willing to hang it for me and even commented on how much he loved it. (Wait… what?)

So if you’re looking to add a great statement piece in your home, you definitely need to check them out! Not only does Modern Map Art do maps of your favorite city, but of ski mountains, countries, and even skylines! They can even customize your art to show a specific map/section of your city which I thought was pretty cool. I also love that you can order an iPhone case with your select map art on it…. and even pillows too! What a great conversation piece to have in your living room or on the bed in a guest bedroom!

Photo: Modern Map Art

Photo: Modern Map Art

Chicago will always hold a special place in my heart, so next on my list is getting the Chicago Skyline art! It’s where my husband and I first lived together and where we got engaged! Little does he know he’ll have one more thing to hang.

Photo: Modern Map Art




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