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I have never been more proud to blog about a company than I am this local company, located right here in Rochester, NY.  Believe Bands is an inspirational jewelry store in which a portion of your purchase will go to World Vision: Hope for Sexually Exploited Girls. Each and every piece has such a beautiful and touching meaning behind them. I personally own the Mark 10:27 band that says “With God All Things Are Possible.” I wear this band every single day of my life and I love when I’m having a difficult moment in my life or just a rough day in general, I can look down at this ring and instantly smile.

“With God All Things Are Possible” Band- $80

The Upstate Stylista blog

Here I am wearing my favorite new ring!!!!

The Upstate Stylista blog

I think what I love most about these bands are that people all around the world have been giving their bands to other people that they feel need it more than they do. The idea of people “paying it forward” is so touching and gives me hope that there are still good people out there! You can read some of these stories on their Testimonials page on their website…. and here is one of my all time favorites:

“I was in the airport, on my way to a business trip, when I noticed a Serviceman saying goodbye to his family, for he was obviously going off to war to serve our country. While I looked at the family I felt a tug at my heart to give him my Believe Band. I knew that by wearing the ring as a sign that he would know that God is with him all the time! Although, it was a bit uncomfortable approaching people I didn’t know, or didn’t even know if they Believed in God for that matter, I knew God wanted me to do this. I approached him and his family and simply said, I would like you to have this ring that says “He leads me and restores my soul” from Psalm 23, and I would also like to thank you for protecting our Country. Immediately you could tell by their expression how blessed they felt through their tears when they gave me a hug. Like I said it was a little uncomfortable at first, but what a blessing to share Gods word during this unsettled and fearful time in this families life…. The Power of God’s love was at work through the exchange of my Believe Band… who knows… maybe he gave it to someone else to encourage them!”

How beautiful is that?! So whether you want to wear one all for yourself or give one to someone who needs a little uplifting token of you love, Believe Bands is the perfect jewelry company to deliver that precious reminder about what is most important in life. Not only do I love their bands, but their other pieces as well. Here are a few of my favorites:

“Love is Patient… Love is Kind” Ring- $200

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Sterling Silver Bangle with Angel Wing Charm- $82

The Upstate Stylista blog

Angel Wing Letter Charm Necklace- $52

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Faith Earrings (Green)- $60

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Owners: Mary Palermo and Georgianna Zicari

The Upstate Stylista blog

A huge thank you to Mary & Georgianna for my Believe Band…. and for creating such a wonderful company to help spread God’s Love in such a fashionable way! 🙂



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